About VanIGF

Our Vision

Grow our internet governance capacity based on our traditional values, respect, inclusiveness, and trust.

Our Mission

To foster dialogue between all stakeholders, government, parliamentarians, private sector, civil society, technical community and consumers on issues of Internet governance in Vanuatu.

The Importance of Vanuatu IGF

As seen in the past Internet Governance forums (2015, 2016, 2017), it is important to maintain an open and safe Internet environment. Where Internet communities in Vanuatu come together and discussed issues and find solutions that will help shaped the Internet policy of Vanuatu. Over the past decade, there had been many innovations, all of which affects all Internet users, whether as professionals, online shoppers, or on-line bank users, thus it is important that all Internet users in Vanuatu must participate in such discussion.

In addition, Vanuatu IGF is unique platform of discussion, and has the ability to facilitate discourse between representatives of the government, intergovernmental organizations, private companies, the technical community and civil society organizations that deal with or are interested in Internet governance related public policy issues. VanIGF gatherings, also discussed proposed responses the includes regulatory frameworks, potential risks, global trends, as well as best and worst practices that had been adopted or might currently be under discussion. Other topics Van IGF gatherings discussed are topics such as the impact of recommendations and other documents adopted in the previous forums within the Internet governance ecosystem.

At their annual meeting delegates discuss, exchange information and share good practices with each other. The Van IGF facilitates a common understanding of how to maximize Internet opportunities and address risks and challenges that arise.

Key Issues Discussed

• Cybersecurity and cyber-threats

• Critical internet resources

• Fake news

• The role of government in policy making in the digital age

• Emergence of global, internet societies

• Access, diversity, inclusion

• Artificial Intelligence

Impacts of VanIGF

• Raise awareness, build capacity and promote a better understanding of Internet governance related matters among the stakeholders of their respective communities

• Facilitate multistakeholder discussion and exchanges of ideas and opinions

• Seek to foster multistakeholder collaboration among the stakeholders from their respective communities and

• Bring the perspectives of the respective communities to the global IGF agenda and reflect the perspectives of the global IGF into the NRIs events, where and when relevant and needed.

How is VanIGF funded

• VanIGF depends on the generosity of donors and Sponsors

Who participates at the VanIGF

All Stakeholders are welcome to attend; representatives from government, private sector, civil society, technical and academic communities. All of us are affected by the internet one way or the other, thus the involve all of multistakeholder in dialogue and cooperation is crucial.

In discussions on public policy issues relating to the Internet, VanIGF acknowledges that while there is no negotiated outcome, the VanIGF will serve to inform and inspire those with policy-making power in both the public and private sectors, so that they can make informed discission that will not only have an impact on the internet environment of Vanuatu, but also will help in shaping a safe open internet environment. Thus, VanIGF will facilitates a common understanding of how to maximize Internet opportunities and address risks and challenges that arise.

The lack of decision-making power is not a weakness, but rather the strength of the Van IGF. With such strength, the VanIGF will serve to identify issues that need to be dealt with by the internet communtiy in Vanuatu and thus aids to shape the decisions that will be taken elsewhere. The Van IGF identifies issues of concern among the Vanuatu Internet Communities and puts them on the domestic policy agenda for decision markers. It informs the decision-makers and shapes the policy-making processes of other institutions and sectors.

VanIGF Mandates to hold forums is to:

• Discuss public policy issues related to key elements of Internet governance in order to foster the sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development of the Internet;

• Facilitate discourse between bodies dealing with different cross-cutting national public policies regarding the Internet and discuss issues that do not fall within the scope of any existing body;

• Interface with appropriate inter-governmental organizations and other institutions on matters under their purview;

• Facilitate the exchange of information and best practices, and in this regard make full use of the expertise of the academic, scientific and technical communities;

• Advise all stakeholders in proposing ways and means to accelerate the availability and affordability of the Internet in the developing world;

• Strengthen and enhance the engagement of stakeholders in existing and/or future Internet governance mechanisms;

• Identify emerging issues, bring them to the attention of the relevant bodies and the general public, and, where appropriate, make recommendations;

• Contribute to capacity building for Internet governance in the national level, drawing fully on local sources of knowledge and expertise;

• Discuss, inter alia, issues relating to critical Internet resources;

• Help to find solutions to the issues arising from the use and misuse of the Internet, of particular concern to everyday users;

• Publish its proceedings.


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Van IGF National Event, 17th May, 2019

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    Youth IGF

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    Inclusive Development

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