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This year, 2019, the Vanuatu Internet Governance Forum (VanIGF) was established. It serves as a platform for discussions, with the aim to bring all stakeholders together to the table as equals to exchange information and share good policies and practices that are related to Internet and technologies.The platform will also facilitates common understandings and knowledge exchange of how to effectively maximize Internet opportunities and address risks and challenges as they arise. Stakeholders include representatives from government, private sector, civil society, technical and academic communities. While the platform may not have decision-making mandates, it serves to inform and inspire those who do.

IGF / ICT Announcements


Posted on March 23, 2020

Join the live conversation with the IGF | 2020 Host Country - government of Poland, MAG Chair and IGF Secretariat on the 6th of April 2020, 14 PM UTC. Learn how to participate in IGF | 2020 preparatory process and annual meeting in Katowice, share your questions and suggestions! READ MORE ➔

Face Your Problems, Don't Facebook Them!

Posted on Jan 31, 2020

Rapid changes and advancement in technology has also changed our social values as a society in Vanuatu. The adoption of these technologies has changed how we find jobs, our future partners, information, or even how we communicate with each other. We all recall have fond memories of how life was back in the days without social media. Millennials knew too well that social media had somewhat became an outlet for people to share – and at times overshare their emotions such as ranting, and venting out frustrations about others on social media, with little notice that this act is an act of cyber bullying. READ MORE ➔

APNIC Academy Learning from Honeypots with Adli Wahid, webinar scheduled 04 February 2020

Posted on Jan 23, 2020

APNIC is pleased to announce the following APNIC Academy webinar is scheduled for Tuesday 04 February 2020. Honeypots are resources that can be used to detect and learn about security attacks. This session will give a general overview of honeypots and show some use cases of how honeypots can be useful for organisations and security practitioners. READ MORE ➔

Report Online Abuse

Posted on Oct 25, 2019

Online abuse is a growing concern for people throughout Vanuatu, especially children who are most vulnerable. Vanuatu IGF supports a great internet environment for internet users when they go online, as nowadays there are many incidents relating to online abuse. People do not feel safe and some never do just by listening to bad experiences from their peers. READ MORE ➔

NetMission.Asia 2020 Recruitment

Posted on Sep 3, 2019

The NetMission Academy offers motivated individuals the chance to further their understanding of Internet Governance issues. Graduates of the academy can become NetMission Ambassadors, working together with a team to build an initiative for the development of the Internet and advance the governance discussions in Asia. Part of this includes being an organiser of regional conference activities for youth. READ MORE ➔

Registration for ICANN66 | Montréal

Posted on Jul 17, 2019

ICANN66 will be held from 2-7 November 2019. This six-day Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be focused on showcasing ICANN’s work to a broader global audience, with more time dedicated to capacity building and leadership training sessions. The AGM is also where new members of the ICANN Board of Directors take their seats. READ MORE ➔

Call for Travel Support to attend the 14th annual meeting of IGF

Posted on May 15, 2019

The mandate of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) calls for strengthening and enhancing of the stakeholder engagement from developing ‎countries. It also calls for the Forum to contribute to building capacity for Internet governance in ‎developing countries, drawing fully on local sources of knowledge and expertise‎. During the 13th IGF, the United Nations Secretary-General has called for action to increase inclusiveness in the IGF processes. The Secretary-General underlined that the IGF must increase its efforts to draw upon the “weak and missing voices” into the IGFs work. It was also called for a broader multidisciplinary approach, to involve experts not traditionally involved in the IGF processes. The community also echoed for more inclusion and diversity in the IGF's participation spectrum. For these reasons, the IGF 2019 Host Country, Government of Germany, will support eligible candidates from developing countries to participate at the 14th annual meeting of the IGF from 25 - 29 November in Berlin, Germany. It will also support the participation of the MAG members at the MAG meetings and the IGF annual meeting. The Call for applications will be open from 9 April to 30 June 2019. For more information click the following link: READ MORE ➔


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